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Lantern Farms of Mendocino is proud to announce it's award winning strain GREEN LANTERN. We are having an amazing growing season this year and are currently partnered with several distribution companies.  Our products can be found on the top shelves of many dispensaries in California.

"Our unique award wining strain Green Lantern

was created with cutting edge genetics and hybridization techniques. Our award winning strain Green Lantern is the first of it's kind and documented in the Phylos Galaxy,

 Check it out!"

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"Recent tests on last years harvest were 36% total THC"

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Lantern Farms  Genetics

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Lantern Farm's cutting edge genetics and hybridization techniques have led to the creation of some incredibly unigue cannabis strains. Our extremely potent "GREEN LANTERN" cannabis flower took first place, yes, first place, - the winner of the "Emerald Cup"! 2018. The EMERALD CUP takes place in Santa Rosa, California and is one of the most recognized marijuana growing competitions in the world! - if you can see through the smoke 



Grown with fresh spring water and fed only with the best organic nutrients, Lantern Farms produces some of the most flavorful flowers in the world that has earned it's place on the top shelves of finest cannabis shops in Country.  Our recent tests on last years harvest were 36% total THC with 30% total THCA. 

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