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Our farm is located outside of Laytonville, California, in beautiful Mendocino County.  This region  boasts the most unique terrior and micro climates in the world for cannabis cultivation.

"Unique award wining strains"

Lantern Farm's award winnig  genetics have led to the creation of some

amazing new strains such as Gas Lantern, Lemon Lantern and berry lantern.


 the cannabis flower took first place, in the first ever state liscenced cannabis sun grown competition in the worldin 2018. The Emerald Cup held in santa rosa California is one of the most recognized marijuana growing competitions in the world! 


Lantern Farms

uses all organic nutrients

Grown with the best organic nutrients and micro biological teas. Lantern Farms produces some of the most powerful and flavorful cannabis in the world. Our recent lab tests  were 35% total THC with 29.5% total THCA%. 

"Our unique award wining strain Green Lantern

 is the first of it's kind and documented in the Phylos Galaxy."

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